Marka: YAHAWI srl

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105,00 HRK
Yahawi calendula montana blagi šampon na bazi nevena za učestalo pranje kose. Prikladan je za sve tipove kose, stapa se s kosom kao lagana pjena koja se brzo čisti i ispire.
Sadrži ekstrakt nevena i organski ekstrakt aloe vere, poznate po hidratantnim, protuupalnim i ljekovitim svojstvima.
Nanijeti malu količinu na vlažnu kosu, lagano izmasirati vlasište i zapjeniti.
Temeljito isprati.

Gentle shampoo with mountain marigold extract. Very small quantity of the product and only one wash is all enough for deep cleansing of all hair types. It removes product buildup and leaves your hair completely clean. A word of advice - your hair will be squeaky-clean, so you might want to use a dab of fine hair oil to ease combing, especially if your hair if dry or fine and prone to tangling. Your gentleness will be thanked for by health and volume. Product does not contain SLS, parabens, PEG, silicons, glycols, oil derivatives or artificial colorants, scent is without allergens.